Fishing the Small Tributaries of the Gallatin River in Montana and Finally Finding Trout

I'd been skunked on the Gallatin River in Montana before, but this time I knew it'd be different.

The Gallatin River in Montana is one of the Big Sky State's coveted rivers, and often times the major fishing access sites are busy with activity.

Recently, my friends Andrea and Chris brought me to a local spot on the river that was teeming with hungry trout.

The three of us headed out after work to a spot near Chris's place of business. As we prepped our rods by the car I was curious to where we were headed, since it was just concrete and buildings surrounded us.

Nevertheless, Chris lead us to a small tributary of the Gallatin River. Looking from the banks I could see several small pools in the gently flowing stream.

Andrea and I had been fishing with Chris before and knew he would have no problem landing a fish. So we decided to spread out and the three of us tried our hand at different locations. Within no time it seemed Chris had landed two nice brook trout.

As the sky began to dim Andrea packed up her gear, but I was determined to not get skunked again. I headed downstream and found one deep pool no one had tried yet.

Casting my set up into the depths, I almost instantly felt a hit. I waited until I felt one more tug then I raised the rod high and a decent rainbow trout broke the surface.

Quickly, I got the fish to shallow water and snagged a picture. I howled into the sky to let Chris and Andrea know my losing streak was over.

I conquered the Gallatin in my own way, and it was as great as advertised.