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YouTube: LunkersTV

Fishing Rod Bend Test: Which Can Withstand the Most Weight?

LunkersTV decided to pit three random fishing rods against one another. How much weight do you think they can each handle?

Just about everyone out there has always wanted to see how much their rod can actually take on, but no one wants to use his or her own favorite fishing rod. Breaking an old, junky rod just doesn't count the same, as it's safe to assume they can't perform like they did fresh off the shelf.

Fortunately for us, though, LunkersTV and his buddy FLAIR decided to bite the bullet and buy a few bass fishing rods to compare.

From the looks of it, he bought the first two spinning rod combos at Walmart. One of them was an Ozark Trail rod with a Quantum reel, and the other was a Lew's rod-and-reel combo. And finally, the third was a Googan spinning combo.

All three were lined with 50-pound-test braided line.

Watch the video below:

I don't know about the rest of you, but I didn't expect a single one of those to even pass the weight challenge. I especially didn't think the Ozark Trail rod to outperform the Lew's rod!

Like he said in the video, though, the Quantum reel did take on a little more damage than the Lew's reel. So there's that. However, who in a million years would've guessed a two-piece rod would outperform not one, but two one piece rods?

If nothing else, this video is a great testament to the rods these guys have engineered.

Honestly, though, each of these rod-and-reel setups performed well. Even the line and the reel seats impressed me!

Have you ever tried fishing with one of the Googan fishing rods? Let us know!