Fishing Line Spooler

Fishing Line Spooler: What It Does, Why You Need One, and a Few Options

Thinking about getting a fishing line spooler? Here are an explanation and a few suggestions.

A fishing line spooler (or winder) shouldn't require a whole lot of explanation. The name says it all, but not all line spooling devices are made the same. A tool that helps you spool line on a fishing reel (the right way) provides an obvious benefit

Gone are the days of holding the roll of line with a pencil through the hole while another person wound it onto the spool of your favorite fishing reel. That method worked, but there's now an easier way.

Since there are quite a few choices out there, we'll try to narrow it down to some of the more popular versions and share reasons why they're so revered. Given that we all want to get this simple chore done in the best possible way, it stands to reason that a line spooler just might be the best available option.

Consistency and Security

A fishing line spooler ensures there are no twists or folds created in your line that could cause the line to break down, or worse, break completely at the worst possible moment. 

Whether you are using mono, fluorocarbon, or braid it still matters that you keep the tension while spooling your line, and static line spoolers do that quite well. The tensioner on any of these models is made to keep the line from twisting, no matter what spool sizes you are using, but it is up to the user to know their equipment.

As we've found out over the years, our fishing line is like the tires on our car- it's where the rubber meets the road and it's the last line of defense against losing a fish. A good quality line spooling device will fill your reel correctly the first time, as long as the instructions are understood and followed.

There are quite a few different models out there, so let's take a look at which ones might do the job for your particular brand of fishing and personal preferences. 

Fishing Line Spooling Stations and Tools

This video gives a good rundown of how to use the basic fishing line spooler.

Here are some suggestions of fishing line winders that will help you spool your reel consistently and securely.

Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine

This simple spooler tops most lists thanks to its simple operation and reasonable price. It works well for both spinning reels and baitcasting reels and is quite stable and strong.

You can use either monofilament line or braided line of virtually any size with this Piscifun Spooler, and you can rest assured it works with bigger, heftier saltwater gear.

Berkley Portable Fishing Line Spooling Station

This easy to use line spooling station fits most casting and spinning reels with its easily adaptable table top unit. It uses suction cups to secure it to a smooth, flat surface.

KastKing Radius Line Spooler

This spooler is convenient for those who don't want to keep taking the reel off of their fishing rod. Since many fishermen are on-the-go types, it stands to reason that they will need to use a re-spooling station on the boat or on the shore. A good no-hassle portable fishing line winder can save the day and help to hold a spool of line when an angler is on his or her own.

Thkfish Fishing Line Spooler

This clamp style line spooler can be used at home, on the boat, or even on your truck. It fits any reel, freshwater or saltwater, and the clamp is far superior to the suction cup models of the same size.

The clamp system can be easily tightened or loosened, depending on the line, to make sure that you don't get overruns or twists. This no plastic, all metal system is great for anglers who want a line spooler that will last for many years.

Do You Really Need a Fishing Line Spooler?

No matter what you are using, a baitcaster, spincast reel, spinning reel, or even a trolling reel, you are still going to have to change the line at some point. And when you start with a brand new reel, the good ones rarely come pre-spooled with line.

Fishing line spoolers can save you time and hassle, and maybe most importantly, they can save your shot at a big fish in the moment of truth.

Line twist is a real thing, especially for spinning reels, and it needs to be addressed by the angler when spooling line. Using a line spooler to help add backing, deal with narrow spools, and navigate the different line types is a clear cut advantage.

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