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5 Top-Rated Men's Fishing Hoodies: Comfy, Warm, and Budget-Friendly

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Whether you're looking for a fleece hoodie for a day of ice fishing or a fishing sweatshirt that's lightweight for a day of fly fishing, these hoodies are great for any fishermen.

Having quality outerwear while you're out fishing can make a big difference in your fishing day, especially if you're out in cold weather. Not only do fishing hoodies offer good sun protection, but they also are a great way to keep warm under your rain jacket or bib waders. Adding a hooded sweatshirt to your fishing gear should be on your to-do list this year. Fishing sweatshirts are often coated with materials that make them anti-microbial, helping them stay resistant to odors that can be hard to avoid as an angler.

A fishing hoodie will come in handy for sun protection. Thanks to the material of high-quality fishing hoodies, your clothing will provide you with protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Try to prevent skin damage and skin cancer whenever possible. Not only do we recommend protecting yourself with a lightweight hoodie, but we also recommend sunscreen and a hat. Fishing hoodies can also wick away water and sweat, so you'll stay dry and comfy. And some hoodies are made to be able to wash fish guts out of. Yep, you probably won't be able to get icky blood stains out of your typical outdoor wear, so wear clothing that's fit for the elements or whatever may end up on your clothing.

1. Our Top Pick for Warm Weather & Layering

HUK Men's Icon X Camo Hoodie | Long-Sleeve Performance Shirt - Amazon, $23.90+

This HUK fishing shirt is designed with serious anglers in mind, it delivers sun protection and has an anti-microbial treatment to prevent odors from developing. It's a perfect performance hoodie to add to your fishing gear. Since it has a UPF rating of 50, it'll block about 98 percent of the sun's rays. It is lightweight, making it perfect for year-round use or layering. The polyester hoodie is machine-washable, so no need to handwash. Also, you can't go wrong with HUK fishing apparel. It's a top-rated brand trusted by anglers. It's one of the most popular fishing shirts these days and for good reason.

2. Best for Cold Weather Fishing

BASSDASH Men's Fishing Fleece Hoodie with Neck Gaiter - Amazon, $39.98+

This fishing hoodie has a built-in neck gaiter for ultimate protection while ice fishing or when you're out in the elements. Created to keep you warm during a long day of fly fishing, the neck gaiter will really make a huge difference. The soft fleece jacket is fit for cooler weather since it's made to preserve the natural warmth of your body. There are also big pockets to keep your hands warm and thumb holes on the sleeve cuffs to help keep them in place. Definitely save this one for a day when it's cold and the HUK option for a day when it's mostly warm. It's made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex materials and has a water and stain-resistant treatment, so you'll stay warm, and dry, and won't have any trouble cleaning this hoodie.

Our favorite spec has to be the three-panel deep hood design, so you'll be able to keep your head warm with a thick beanie or hat. Consider the camo hoodie for hunting this fall. You'll be glad you got this hoodie once temps begin to drop.

3. Best for Rainy Days (and Unexpected Rain)

Carhartt Men's Rain Defender Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt - Amazon, $49.99

If you want a zip hoodie that will hold up against all sorts of weather, try this Carhartt Rain Defender fishing sweatshirt. The full zip allows for easy accessibility, while the Rain Defender finish keeps you dry throughout the day. When light rain hits the durable water repellent jacket, it'll bead up and roll off. As for warmth, Carhartt delivers when it comes to warm and comfortable jackets. The 100% cotton jacket is heavyweight to keep you warm, but it still has a relaxed and stretchy fit for working and fishing, and the front hand warmer pockets will come in handy for those days you get caught in unexpected freezing rain.

4. Best for Style & Leisurewear

Simms Solarflex UPF 50+ Shirt, Sun Protection Hoodie - Amazon, $64.95

With moisture-wicking material, this Simms fishing hoodie will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day while also offering sun protection (UPF50 rating). It is machine-washable. It has a flat-seam finish that offers a next-to-skin feel for all-day comfort. It's made from 100% polyester and has a lightweight, relaxed fit. The shirt only weighs 8 ounces, making it a great shirt to wear when it's warm or when you're out and about. This fishing hoodie is a great pick for hanging beachside and dining at a cafe after fishing on the pier. Plus, with anti-odor technology, you don't have to worry about yucky scents! What more could you need? Choose from three colors. Not sure which to pick? The laguna color is stylish. Just sayin'.

5. A Classic Hoodie for Everyone

Columbia Men's PFG Terminal Tackle Hoodie - Amazon, $20.20+

This polyester fishing hoodie offers great sun protection for long days on the water. The tight weave construction will block UV rays. Remember to pick a dark or bright color so it'll keep your skin protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Not only will you stay cool and protected from the sun, but you'll also stay dry since it's a moisture-wicking hoodie. Whether it's from sweat, light rain, or the waves crashing, you'll be dry in no time. This logo hoodie is great for a day on the boat. The relaxed fit is great for all body types, too. Choose between sizes XS through 6X.

This post was originally published on April 10, 2021.