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6 Best Fishing Gloves for UV Protection, Long Days on the Water

A good pair of fishing gloves can improve your agility and keep your hands comfortable throughout the day. Every angler knows that fishing can be rough on the hands. Whether you're out in saltwater all day or spending the day ice fishing or fly fishing, the hands can take a beating. It's an essential piece of fishing gear, so you'll want to be sure you're getting a high-quality pair.

This list has some of the Amazon best-seller mitts designed for fishermen, boaters, or anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation but wants to protect their hands. Trust us, we're not sellouts! After looking into each of the following products, we understand the reasons why these gloves are so popular. People want something that fits well, looks good and makes life out on the water a breeze (but not a cold breeze). These fishing gloves below have those qualities in spades. They're a must-have for anyone who enjoys cold-weather sports or spending lots of time on the water.

1. The People's Choice

Sol Armis Sun Gloves (L-XL) - KastKing, $16.99

These are Amazon's number one best-seller for fishing gloves-perhaps no surprise considering professional anglers designed them! The patterns here, specifically, are designed by Stacie Walker of Prym 1 Camo. Walker, a wildlife artist, created the gloves' design based on the need for a non-tradition camo pattern she saw in the broader industry. So these gloves look unique and blend into the environment better than most gloves on the market.

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They have an SPF 50 rating and are breathable materials that keep your hands comfortable while maintaining dexterity. The full coverage is a big plus. There's a lot of protection in these gloves considering the reasonable price.



2. Great Grip & Easy To Clean

UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves (L) - Palmyth, $18.98

Protect your hands from sun damage with these sun gloves. They're perfect for anglers or boaters. These fingerless mitts are ideal for handling fishing rods, hiking poles, or paddles. That grip makes these gloves stand out from the rest. It's powerful but lightweight, so the manufacturer promises you'll forget you're wearing gloves by the end of the day. In our opinion, these gloves prove that UV protection doesn't mean suffocating your skin. The fabric on the Palmyth fingerless gloves isn't just breathable but quick-drying-don't be surprised if your hands feel as cool as if they were gloveless. The unisex design allows both men and women to use them.

The best feature, in our opinion? Fully machine-washable. Boom. Toss these guys in after a long, messy day on the boat and slip them on the next day.

3. Big Protection, Better Feel

Islamorada Sun Glove (S) - Glacier Glove, $24.99

Sometimes you see a picture of gloves and know they'll be comfy. That's certainly the case for the Islamorada Sun Gloves from Glacier Glove. The designers went with the mantra simpler is better, to tremendous effect. The fabric is quick-dry and effortlessly stretchy without compromising on durability.

These fingerless fishing gloves are a great lightweight option for fishermen. The quick-drying design keeps your hands comfortable, and the form-fitting material keeps them snug and tight all day. As for sun protection, the Islamorada Sun Gloves cover UPF 50+! That's the highest sun protection, we'll have you know. The Sun Gloves block up to 97 percent of incoming UV radiation. A fitting name!

4. Beyond Sun Protection

Flexible Fishing Gloves (3X-L) - Palmyth, $29.98

As outdoorspeople, we know that if you're trying to keep the sun off your skin, you're probably trying to protect yourself from other elements. It can be sunny and windy. Sunny and frigid. Even sunny and rainy! So, sometimes, you need gloves that can do just about anything.

Palmyth has an answer with these windproof and water-resistant mitts ideal for ice fishing or other cold-weather sports. The middle and index fingers have caps for easy accessibility, while the ring and pinky fingers have full-finger protection. The thumb, index, and middle fingers all flip back, too. This lets you do all kinds of stuff on the water you couldn't do with your old gloves. Free your finger to finish tying a line, or use your phone or professional camera. You'd have to slip the whole thing off with ordinary gloves to do any of these things. No longer! That makes these gloves stand out as valuable accessories whether you're fishing or just out and about on a frigid winter.

5. Don't Let Those Fish Escape!

Neoprene Anti-Slip Fishing Gloves (M) - nameplates, $15.99

Ever stared at your gloves in contempt when a caught fish wriggles out of your hands back into the water? Never again with these anti-slip fishing gloves. These camo gloves have the option to be full-finger or partially fingerless for ultimate accessibility. The neoprene material makes these waterproof fishing gloves breathable and wind-resistant, too.

Other things we love about these gloves:

  • Flip-back fingers! We could go on about this feature, but you're probably tired of that by now.
  • Adjustable wrist strap! This feature comes in handy on cold days when the wind tries to swoop into your gloves through the wrists.
  • These are lightweight enough to come in handy for all outdoor activities. If you're out fishing, odds are you've got a camp just offshore. Imagine reeling in the catch, paddling back to camp, cleaning the fish and cooking it over the fire without ever having to take off your gloves. That's one less thing you have to worry about while cold-weather camping. Sign us up!

6. For The Leader In You

FM11-AMER-M Half Finger Guide Glove (M) - Fish Monkey, $19.43 - $37.49

Fish Monkey is another manufacturer that leans into input from professional anglers. The result is high-quality and high-utility gloves that won't break the bank.

Explicitly designed for captains, professional guides, and recreational anglers, these mittens are great for fish handling, boating, or other activities like fly fishing. According to Amazon reviews, they're excellent for sun protection in warmer weather and maintain grip when wet. The gloves dry quickly and don't need to be removed while changing gear or fiddling with lines.