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Fishing Gear Review: BaitCloud Fish Attractant

BaitCloud is like a bath bomb for fish that puts them in the mood to bite.

Tackle store shelves are stocked with a vast array of fish attractants, primarily in either a spray or gel formula. All claim to help you catch more fish, and truth be known, I'm sure the majority do.

I've long been a user of fish attractants and scents. Not only will these bottled or squeeze tube concoctions hide or neutralize offensive smells, they will also trick fish into holding onto your lure that split second longer. This is due to the positive feel and taste.

Enter BaitCloud. This biodegradable and multi-sensory fish attractant is unlike any we've seen to date, as it isn't sprayed or rubbed on your bait.

Instead, a BaitCloud ball is tossed in the water at a chosen fishing area, its magical elixir of scent, sound, and movement creating visual attractants is meant to draw fish in and get them revved up to bite your fishing lures. (You can thank the lateral line of a fish for this love).


Similar in size and shape to a bath bomb, a BaitCloud ball instantly creates vast amounts of bubbles and fizzing once it settles on bottom. This visual attraction includes bio-glitter, which gives the appearance of fish scales floating through the water column.

Unlike chum, BaitCloud does not include fish parts, but is made up of specific formulas for targeting your chosen species of game fish. These natural scents mimic real food and stimulate instinctive feeding.

Definite advantages for using BaitCloud would be stationary fishing. Think ice fishing, shore fishing, or when anchored in the boat. For those that like to "power fish," this product isn't really right for you.

Packaged three balls to a tube, BaitCloud is a biodegradable product which is manufactured in the United States. The regular BaitCloud is a solid ball, while the InLine version has a center line running through the middle. This latter option can be "attached" to your fishing line above the lure.

So do they work? They definitely appear to draw fish to a specific area, and I've seen it first hand. For those who chase bottom dwelling fish from shore, such as carp or catfish, BaitCloud would be a welcome addition to your tackle box.


I think this product will really shine through the ice. Drop one in a hole beside you and let it work its magic.

BaitCloud is available in Canada and the United States. For more information, or to order, you can go to

A tube of BaitCloud retails for $10.99 USD.

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