If Fishing Were Only This Easy...We'd All Be Bill Dance

Just another day on the open water...

Fishing is relaxing, but often times it can be frustrating. It will test your patience, and those days when the bite isn't on, well they just aren't that fun. Of course it is always better than being at work, but it can make for a long day.

If fishing was always as easy as this video, well, we would all be famous.

I think this is what you would call "catching", not fishing.

Literally throwing fish in the boat as fast as they can get their bait in the water. Sign me up! It looks as if they don't even have hooks on the line, but just bait for the fish to bite and hold on to, before jerking them aboard.

I see dollars bills here, a guiding service on this type of rig would sell out in a hurry. Bill Dance, watch out, these guys are coming for you.

Dip, pull, repeat.

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