.338 Lapua

Does a .338 Lapua Work on a Gator at Point Blank? Yes

When a call about a nuisance gator comes in, and you only have one gun... you use that one gun.

.338 Lapua from Savage is a big gun. Like, really big. Like, shooting elk at 1,000 yards big. But Pigman gets called for a nuisance gator on this hunting trip, and that is the only gun he has at his fingertips at the moment. So when duty calls, you just have to pull the trigger.

That trigger pull resulted in a water volcano and a dead gator at point blank range. In other words, a job well done.

A bit overgunned, but it did the job.

So if you ever wondered if hunting gators with a .338 Lapua was possible or effective for a nuisance gator, you better believe it!

Gator bites, anyone?

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