13.58-pound bass
Photo courtesy of Wild West Bass Trail

Fisherman Wins Tournament, Breaks Record With 13.58-Pound Bass

It's not every day you rack up 30.22 pounds with just five bass in one day.

Largemouth bass fishing is the pinnacle of all freshwater angling for a reason. These fish put up a dramatic, exciting fight, and when you find yourself in a hot spot, they're second to none.

Because they yield fairly plentiful results, anglers often get the itch to chase trophy bass, spending entire days on the water with one thing in mind: beating their personal bests.

In reality, though, trophy bass don't come along all that often. So when you catch a big one after throwing countless 1-pounders back in the water, it just feels good.

There are few people who understand that feeling as well as Alex Niapas, who landed five bass on California's Shasta Lake. These were no average five fish, though; one of them was an 8.32-pound spotted bass and another was a whopping 13.58-pound largemouth. The five-fish total collectively weighed 30.22 pounds, which is a new record for the Wild West Bass Trail event.

Watch the video below:

The bass fisherman's success didn't end there, though, as his three-day total of 62.95 pounds was enough to win the SuperClean Showdown, as well as a $10,660 prize.

"I had one of those weekends where everything's right, I was confident, had found a lot of big fish. Everything went right," Niapas said. "I'll probably remember this for the rest of my life."