alligator chases redtail catfish
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Fisherman Races to Reel in Huge Redtail Catfish Before a Gator Snatches It Up

There's no bigger threat to keeping a fish on the line than a hungry alligator.

Your drag is set just right. Your rod is up to par. Your reel is up for the fight. You've now hooked into a monster freshwater fish and nothing can go wrong. Right?

This fisherman certainly learned firsthand that actually no line is safe when you're fishing in alligator country. In this video, he appears to be fishing in the Amazon River when he hooks into a massive redtail catfish.

Ironically, redtail catfish are some of the larger freshwater predators out there, but to a gator, they're just a big lunch. As soon as the catfish breaches the surface, an alligator makes its move!

Watch the video below:

Talk about a lucky break! That big fish was inches away from being history.

This video also goes to show how fast an alligator can sneak up on you, though. If you weren't looking and an alligator was sneaking up behind you, your day could take a nosedive in the blink of an eye.

What a fish, though, right? Redtail catfish are extremely high on my fishing trip bucket list for two reasons. First, they're huge. Look how big that catfish is! That would be a trophy blue or flathead in any part of the U.S.

The second is their setting. I've always wanted to fish the deep water of the Amazon River, as it offers such an incredibly wide variety of fishing opportunities. From peacock bass to redtail catfish, all the way down the line to a slew of toothy predators, there's a little bit of everything.

What would you do if you were this fisherman, though?