monster alligator

Fisherman Hooks Absolute Monster Florida Gator by Accident

This fisherman got the surprise of his life after accidentally hooking this monster alligator.

Flats fishing has become a huge pastime for anglers all over the globe. Unknowingly, many of these anglers often share these pristine flats with at least one monster alligator lurking close by.

This video was posted by Capt. Matt Cicero from Fishero Adventures after accidentally hooking this beast while casting at what appeared to be a school of redfish.

Here's the video:

According to Capt. Matt, he had no idea the alligator was even present. After casting his fly towards a school of fish he felt a bump on the end of his line and set the hook. After that, he immediately knew something wasn't right.

"I pulled a strip set and was confident I just hooked into a sunken tree," said Capt. Matt. "Just as I finished that thought the 'sunken tree' felt more like a submarine as he shot out of his hole, peeling line for nearly 100 yards. To say I was surprised is an understatement."

"I put the pressure on him but all I could do was reel the boat over to whatever just ran all my fly line out. As I got closer we quickly realized what was on the other end, a massive alligator!!"

If you are interested in booking a fishing charter in these famous waters with Capt. Matt, simply hit him up via his Facebook page, Fishero Adventures, and see what spots he has available.

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