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This is Fishing the Everglades Backcountry in All of Its Glory

This video brings out the best of what the Everglades backcountry has to offer!

As fishermen we are always searching the web for the best fishing videos we can find. And every now and then we run into one that really makes us crave adventure. The Everglades backcountry has produced some of the gnarliest videos you will ever see. It truly is the playground that started it all.

This video shows some big name fishermen from the Keys as they spend a few days in the Everglades chasing snook, tarpon, and reds on the fly!

Listening to the stories in this video and watching as they re-live them right before your eyes is something that you rarely see in other recent films. Sight casting to snook and tarpon of any size can be extremely fun and usually produces some heart pounding action.

Teaming up with some good friends, and chasing experiences in a place as mysterious and remote as the Everglades National Park can only produce lasting memories. With over 2357 square miles of land and marsh there are endless opportunities awaiting the adventurous angler or watercraft explorer.

Click here to learn more about the Everglades National Park.


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This is Fishing the Everglades Backcountry in All of Its Glory