Jon Boat Casket
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Jon Boat Casket: Now the Deceased Can Fish for Eternity

When it's your time to go, why not do it in style?

Why be buried in a nondescript coffin, when you can fish for eternity in an awesome Jon boat casket.

An Arkansas company has come up with a creative way to show your true love for the outdoors, even if you won't be alive to actually enjoy it.

Glory Boats of Little Rock, Arkansas builds "vessels to convey the mortal remains of outdoor enthusiasts to that glorious final harbor" in three different colors—Woodland Camo, Marsh Grass and Pink Camo models—and as you could expect, they're attracting plenty of attention on social media and hunting and fishing circles across the United States. 

Jon Boat Casket

Glory Boats owner Joel Schmidt was interviewed for a piece in the Raleigh News and Observer, and it turns out the idea started with a bit of a joke.

As the story goes, Schmidt's 74-year-old father fell from a ladder, and the family wasn't sure if he'd made any sort of final wishes or plans for funeral services.

To lighten the mood, Schmidt said if he hadn't known those wishes, he might have just buried his dad in his fishing boat.

From the News and Observer:

I tried to joke with him about it and said well that's not a joke - surely someone makes something like that. But I looked on the internet and couldn't find anyone making anything like that. It's such a simple concept, I couldn't believe it wasn't being done.

Jon Boat Casket

A Fishing Boat as a Final Resting Place

Surprisingly enough, he was able to bring the concept to light, and started to sell them at fishing and outdoor expos.

If you saw this in a funeral home, you'd know for sure that fishing boat caskets were made for the avid lover of the outdoors, someone who valued their time enjoying the world's wild places. When the time comes, why not ensure you're going to find peace and happiness? Why not have a little fun?

Jon Boat Casket

It's definitely not your typical Jon boat, and isn't built to float or maneuver. It's an actual funeral casket that can be buried to forever celebrate the lives of outdoorsmen and women.

Traditional caskets sometimes just can't cut it, and if you or a loved one spent some of their best years as an angler, there may be no better way than the hypothetical big bass boat in the sky.

The Jon boat casket retails for $2,800.

For more information, visit the Glory Boats Company website HERE.

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