A young hunter with his first turkey.
YouTube: Target Focused Life

Nine-Year-Old Shows Incredible Patience to Bag First Turkey With Dad

This 9-year-old showed some incredible patience in this turkey hunt.

While there's plenty of reasons to be concerned about the future of hunting these days, there's still some positive signs that the future is in good hands. We mainly see it in all the great first-time hunter videos that are hitting the Internet these days. Aside from deer, there may be no better way to introduce a new, young hunter to the outdoors than a spring turkey hunt.

Turkeys are an extremely exciting hunt, but they are also incredibly challenging because you need to get these birds in close. This will really test a young hunter's skills at staying still and hidden. At the same time, it's usually a much easier hunt since the weather is usually warm enough to make for some comfortable, longer sits.

Hunting for turkeys can test any hunter's patience though. Which is why we are so thoroughly impressed by this video from YouTuber Target Focused Life. He takes his nine-year-old son Rylan out for his first turkey hunter ever using a .410 shotgun. However, an issue with the red dot scope, and birds that don't cooperate aren't making things easy for Rylan. The youngster shows patience and wisdom beyond his years as he waits for a prime opportunity at a big Tom.

It does not get much better than this. A lengthy hunt filled with trials and tribulations that ultimately ends with success on the exact bird Rylan wanted. One might be quick to assume youngsters are happy to shoot whatever crosses their path, but Rylan passed on the easy opportunity at a Jake because he wanted a full-grown Tom. That patience pays off with a gorgeous fat Tom, and a perfect shot to drop the bird where he stood.

Kudos to the father on his teaching of his son here too. Rylan passed up the shot on that turkey when the red dot was malfunctioning, even with his father unaware of the problem and urging him to take the shot. Someone was listening and paying attention during a lesson on knowing one's target and equipment. Rylan clearly didn't feel comfortable with the shot and passed that bird rather than risk wounding it.

Overall, just an incredible hunt and a great spring memory for father and son. Congrats on your turkey Rylan!

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