First Time Ice Fishing
YouTube: You Betcha

A Hilarious Look at Everyone's First Time Ice Fishing

There is no doubt that ice fishing has something of a learning curve that is different from other forms of angling. As a result, many an angler's first trip to the ice turns into something akin to a disaster—at least, to anyone unfortunate enough to go along with them. From not wearing the proper clothing for the conditions to being terrified of the ice breaking, there's a whole bevy of silly things newbies do on the ice that drive the veterans nuts, especially when it's family. YouTubers You Betcha and Charlie Berens hilariously illustrate that in this short video.

Odds are, you've been one of these anglers in this situation. If you're the newbie, you probably felt a little overwhelmed by everything. If you were the veteran, odds are you wanted to scream at the end of the day like Charlie does here. Either way, you're sure to get a laugh at the silliness in this video.

"I can't believe this guy married my sister. I gotta find some thin ice fast."

We're sure that's not the first time someone has muttered that while taking family out ice fishing, and it probably won't be the last, either. As the top commentor on the video noted, "100% accurate. This is NOT a dramatization." The whole part about not being dressed for the conditions hits home perfectly. This seems to be the single biggest mistake new ice anglers make. What part of winter and frozen lake don't newbies understand? It's a mystery that may never be solved.

To be fair to the newbie, though, the sound of the ice creaking and popping is a little unnerving, even for experienced ice anglers. In any case, this type of experience while taking someone fishing for the first time may be frustrating at the time, but it makes for some hilarious memories you can look back on years down the line.

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