First Look at the Eva Shockey Collection of New Signature QALO Rings

The new Eva Shockey Collection jewelry line by QALO includes rings and teething necklaces.

QALO and Eva Shockey-Brent have partnered for a line of jewelry, created by the company that made the silicone wedding band famous and "inspired by [Shockey's] deep love of family, hunting, and the outdoors."

The Eva Shockey Collection will include men's and women's rings, as well as teething necklaces, each made out of silicone and priced at $39.95 and below.

There are eight rings and three teething necklaces, and all of the designs have an earth-toned color scheme, with olive green, black, and taupe as the dominant shades.

Of course, there's a subdued camouflage pattern on a few items, too. The line will be available on and exclusively at Bass Pro Shops.

Shockey's announcement comes a week after sharing news of her second pregnancy.

Eva's new collection at QALO gets added to the huge list of accomplishments she's attached her name to, including a Field & Stream cover photo, an authored book, a Facebook Watch series, two signature bows from Bowtech, and a signature rifle from Crosman.

"QALO's whole culture is about family and getting outdoors," Shockey said upon the Collection's release. "It's really cool to be aligned with a company that lives exactly the way we live and I really enjoyed being a part of the design process."

We got a special sneak preview of two new styles of these QALO silicone rings, and not only am I finally able to put my mind at ease about a finger injury, I was also able to cash in on an excellent Valentine's Day present for my wife.

Two Strata designs were sent my way, the Men's Hook and Arrow and the Women's Heart and Arrow. The wife was a little skeptical at first, and is the kind that scoffs at celebrity endorsements, but this ring almost instantaneously won her over. She often goes ringless in her day-to-day for fear of losing what was her mother's engagement ring as well as our wedding band, and the lightweight silicone has her forgetting she's even wearing one.

I've also grown quite fond of the ring. My original wedding band is made of titanium, which sounds cool but is probably the dumbest material I could have chosen. There's no more metal clinking when I bump it, and as far as everyday wear goes, I've nearly forgotten I've had it on as well.

Now when I'm maneuvering fence crossings, sitting in a hanging treestand, or tackling a woodworking project, I don't have to worry about my finger skin getting removed like a sock.

Sorry for the graphic visual, but it's true.

The Eva Shockey Collection focuses on practicality and peace of mind, not flashiness or price tag.

"Before I had QALO, there were times I would be at the top of a mountain wearing my diamond ring going 'Do not lose this!'" Shockey said. "That's not where diamonds belong, but you still want to represent your family and that you're married. QALO was made for this."

There are plenty of reasons silicone rings make sense, especially for outdoorsmen and women, along with anyone who has a job or a hobby that requires use of their hands in precocious situations. In fact, there's a U.S. military member and first responders discount at QALO.

The rings arrived in a pretty sweet zippered carrying case, a nice alternative to the ring box we're all too familiar with.

I've learned that there is some importance in the symbols of our relationships, and QALO understands and honors those symbols the right way. They aren't making a cheap tchotchke that'll get shoved in a drawer and never worn. They're making well-designed wedding bands and practical, stylish teething necklaces that look as good as they work.

After living with an Eva Shockey Signature QALO ring for the better part of a week, I can already tell it's the kind of thing that lines up nicely with outdoorsmen ideals and promotes an active, hard working lifestyle with a good balance of family morales.

I wouldn't have imagined a ring would be one of my favorite pieces of "outdoor gear" I've gotten to check out recently, but it just goes to show how on top of it Eva Shockey really is.

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