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South Carolina Firefighter Adopts Puppy He Rescued from Rocks

Another week, another hero! When firefighters aren't putting out fires, they're found rescuing animals and in this case a puppy that wouldn't have survived. So two happy endings for this shepherd mix puppy this week. Firefighters are always saving the day and always seem to have time to make sure our animals are safe, tooA veteran member of the North Charleston Fire Department rescued a tiny three-month-old puppy trapped beneath a pile of rocks!

A Facebook post on Charleston Animal Society's page reported that a father and son were riding bikes and spotted a large pile of rocks. After the boy started to climb on the rocks they heard a very faint noise, from far away. A little puppy started barking as they approached closer but they couldn't see anything! They called the non-emergency line for North Charleston and Engine 201 arrived. After a visit to the emergency vet, the puppy was placed at the Charleston Animal Society to be adopted.

The real hero? Captain Paul Bryant from the North Charleston Fire Department, who safely pulled the puppy out of the rocks.  The best second happy ending? Captain Paul Bryant adopted the puppy!  Thank you, Captain Bryant! Here's the short clip from the rescue efforts. The full text from the post follows.

Firefighter Puppy Rescue UPDATE!

New info from the first people on the scene! Zane and His dad Tyler were riding bikes when they saw a giant pile of rocks and discarded curbing. Being all boy, Zane wanted to go climb on the pile of rocks. As they started to approach the pile they heard a very faint noise, from far away it almost sounded like a bullfrog or something. As they got closer and were talking, this smart little pup started barking louder and louder, that's when they realized it was a dog. Tyler and Zane looked in the small hole on both sides of the pile but couldn't see anything, but there was definitely a dog barking from inside. They decided to ride home quickly to get a shovel and pickaxe... Zane was so brave and he insisted on staying behind to keep the puppy company. Him being only 5 His dad insisted he ride home with to help get the tools. They rode as fast as they could back home, grabbed to tools and got in their truck. Once they got back Tyler quickly realized he should call some professionals and called the non-emergency line for North Charleston. They were so impressed with the response time and everybody got to work very quickly and rescued the cutest little puppy. It was kinda funny, once the puppy was out Zane was so excited and enthralled by it he could have cared less about the beautiful shinny fire truck just feet away... normally he'd have wanted to climb all over it. Tyler and Zane took the pup back home to give it some water and a small bowel of food before taking it to the emergency vet to check it out. After that all is history and the Charleston Animal Society was able to place the puppy with NCFD Capt Bryant the man who pulled it from the rocks. We couldn't be happier! #adoptatcas #firefighters

Fortunately, the puppy didn't have any injuries!

It was actually the nearly 20-year North Charleston Fire Department veteran's first puppy rescue. We hope there aren't anymore but if there are you know who to call! Radio.com tell us that the pups new name is Rocky.

South Carolina is not the only state where firefighters are saving the world. You see in the news every day another person or animal being rescued and we are so grateful! A big thanks to anyone that works in emergency services and in this case all firefighters and first responders. Once again, we're so happy this firefighters rescue was posted to a Facebook page so we could share this story.
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