Deer Hiding
Images via Nathan Unger

Deer Hiding in 7 Photos: Can You Find Them All?

See if you can find the correct number of deer hiding in each picture.

Deer hunting involves a keen eye, which is why we're giving you a pop quiz. There will be a number of specified deer hiding in each image.

Mature bucks can be easier to pick out, but when you're trying to count does year-round or leading up to the hunting season, seeing more or less deer than you thought were there can be a vital piece of information.

You might think deer hunters have an edge in this competition, but you may be fooled. See if you can find them in their hiding places before they walk out of your life forever!

Here's an easy one.

See if you can find two in the image below.

Hidden deer 1

Hurry! Camouflage is the key!

This one is a little bit more difficult, but see if you can find four whitetail deer in this image. Heck of a hiding spot, huh?!


Come on now, you can do this!

We'll go back to an easier one. Trying find the doe in this image for a total of two deer in the photo below.

Hidden deer 2

I promise it's there.

Here is a hard one. No big bucks, but once again there are two deer in this image below.


No, I'm not talking about the crow.

There is only one in this image below. Deer habitat makes it tough to see them!


You can probably build a snowman in the time it'll take to find this one.

There are a total of three deer in this image.

deer hiding

This is certainly an easy one to end on, but if you don't look close you might miss the ghost-like deer. Also another good reason to set your trail camera to take pictures often so as not to miss any deer in your food plots!

Wild animal camouflage can be downright frustrating sometimes! Could you master these search-and-find photos?

When deer season comes around, you'd better hope your eyes are well-trained!

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