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Facebook: Full Range Hanging Systems

You Can Now Hang Your Deer Mounts in the Corner

Just watching this video gave me a whole new outlook on how to arrange my man cave.

I came across the Full Range Hanging System a short time ago, but actually have yet to get my hands on one. This video came across my newsfeed just the other day and I couldn't be more excited.

There are so many places in my house where I could have a shoulder mount if I had one of these.

The video is just too good not to share. Take a look at how you can fill that daunting corner space with an awesome shoulder mount!

I have the perfect spot for this, so I'll be ordering one this week. It's not too often I write about a product before I actually put my hands on it, but this is an exception.

They also have many other options, not just the Corner System as seen in the video above. Looking through their website you can find their hanging systems, which I found to be quite affordable for what they do and the difference they can make.

I spoke with a few of my buddies who currently own and use the Full Range Hanging System and they absolutely love them. I'll be sure to bring back a full review once I get my hands on one.

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