Finally, a Set of Smart HD Thermal Binoculars That's Obtainable for All of Us

These new ATN BinoX 4T Smart HD Thermal Binoculars are changing our perspective on the capabilities of our glasses.

A quality set of binoculars should be up high on the list of accessories needed by today's modern sportsman. If you can't see what's visible beyond the naked eye, you're going to have a hard time outwitting the game you're after.

But once the sun sets, binos are often deemed useless. What if you have an animal to recover? Most of us are forced to break out the flashlights and search on foot, or abandon the mission until brighter hours.

That's no longer the case thanks to ATN and their brand new BinoX 4T Series Thermal Smart HD Binoculars, which have taken the tenets of smart HD optics and given them a serious upgrade.

The BinoX 4T uses a Dual Core Processor to actually live stream the image seen through the binos to a mobile device via WiFi. They'll also record, in high-def, the video within the binoculars themselves, and do so without performance lag.

An integrated rangefinder and incorporated IR illuminator can help visualize and locate a hog or coyote behind a distant tree line, making a more efficient hunt an instant reality.

Not only are these great to use as regular spotting glasses, but think about the search and rescue applications. An emergency response team with these capabilities are going to better their chances, no doubt.

The 4T is available in a good selection of magnification options: 1.25-5x, 2-8x, 4.5-18x, 1-10x, 1.5-15x, and 2.5-25x. They weigh in at only 2.5 pounds, so it's not like you're lugging a hefty pair of binos into the field. These could easily replace any high-end pair of glasses and surpass each one's list of features. You're looking at what could likely be your next pair of binoculars.

If image quality, smooth zoom, and comfort are the things you consider the most, you can take ATN's word that they've taken every measure to make them intuitive, adjustable, and satisfying to use.

It's worth investing in a high-quality pair of binoculars, and there aren't many options to devote money to that can meet the standards set by the BinoX 4T.