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Blowgun Makes Short Work of Three Feral Hogs Proving the Weapon's Effectiveness

Feral Hogs Blowgun
YouTube: Tim Wells Bowhunter

A blowgun will take down smaller feral hogs.

When it comes to Texas and combating the feral hog problem, hunters have used a variety of methods to take these animals down. Bows, crossbows, rifles, shotguns, spears, trapping, helicopter hunting and more. We have even seen some hunters use dogs and other extreme methods for eradication of the nuisance swine.

One weapon many people would not consider is an ancient weapon as old as time. We are talking of course about the blowgun. Feral hogs are notoriously tough animals, and you might think the weapon would not be capable of penetrating that thick hide.

However, Tim Wells is here to prove otherwise. He sets up for some close shots during an evening hunt in Texas. He does not have to wait long before getting an opportunity at multiple pigs. The blowgun makes surprisingly short work of these invasive animals.

This just goes to show you should never underestimate a blowgun. There is a reason this weapon has been used for centuries. In the right hands, it is an effective tool for harvesting small to medium-sized game and putting food on the table. We have seen Tim use his blowgun to harvest black bears before, so there is no denying the stopping power they have.

Of course, in this situation it makes more sense for Tim to target the smaller hogs using the blowgun. The larger ones may have a hide that is just a hair too tough for the darts to penetrate. On these little guys, he nearly got a full passthrough on one of these hogs. The dart also causes minimal damage to the meat, meaning a better yield for when it comes time to put them on the dinner table.

After seeing how efficiently these hogs went down using a blowgun, we doubt we will ever under-estimate these primitive weapons ever again.

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Blowgun Makes Short Work of Three Feral Hogs Proving the Weapon's Effectiveness