Shipping Out: FedEx Puts in an Order for Tesla Semi Trucks

FedEx looks to go green and save green with its initial order of Tesla semi trucks.

We all need a thread to follow with Tesla and all its ups and down and in-betweens. The self-driving tech company has been dealing with setbacks and more-than-expected issues with Model 3 production, while developing new tech for its onboard computers.

One boost for the company takes the form of recent news coming from its big rig wing, as FedEx has just announced its order of 20 Tesla semi trucks to test in 2019.

Hot on the heels of FedEx competitor UPS' partnership with Tesla, the freight company is looking to bring on fully electric Tesla semi trucks in its efforts to streamline shipping and save big bucks over time.

Keep It Trucking

According to USA Today, Tesla is going big with its planned goal of pumping out 100,000 electric trucks a year. CEO/Bond villain/future Martian Elon Musk says his Tesla semi trucks will be safer, with a better driver experience, and not to mention a whole heck of a lot cheaper to operate than conventional trucks.


Facebook: Tesla Semi Trucks

The trucks will have surrounding cameras and onboard sensors meant to detect objects and enable better autopilot settings. While this basically sounds like drivers will be obsolete on the surface, there will actually still be a need for drivers to guide the trucks, especially when it comes to getting off and on freeways, and also monitor data.

Green Machines

FedEx has been operating hybrid and electric pickup and delivery trucks for some years now, so this push to go electric and autonomous isn't a huge surprise. Since 2008 the company has saved more than 158 million gallons of vehicle fuel by replacing older trucks with newer, more fuel-efficient ones.

Tesla is currently in the process of adding to its development of trucks with different fuel ranges. One will hit about 300 miles per charge and run for $150,000; the other will go for $180,000 and get about 500 miles per charge.

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