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Federal Ammunition and Ducks Unlimited Team Up

The world's largest ammunition manufacturer and the world's largest waterfowl-focused nonprofit are launching a partnership.

Federal Ammunition has announced a new business connection with Ducks Unlimited, the world's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of North America's diminishing waterfowl habitats.

The deal includes a promotional partnership with Federal Premium Black Cloud TSS ammunition, as well as Gold Sponsorship at the 2020 Ducks Unlimited Expo hosted at Texas Motor Speedway May 15-17, 2020.

"Our Proud Partner program is comprised of industry-leading companies and Federal Ammunition is no exception," Jim Alexander, Ducks Unlimited's managing director of corporate relations. "We are happy to announce that Federal has agreed to participate as a Gold Sponsor at the 2020 Ducks Unlimited Expo. Federal is an iconic brand, with a long history of dedication to conservation efforts, and we are extremely excited about this announcement."

With the help of contributions from more than a millions supporters across North America, Ducks Unlimited has managed to conserve more than 14.5 million acres.

"We chose to partner with Ducks Unlimited because we share in looking toward the future of hunting, shooting and wildlife management along with leading conservation, restoration and wetland management efforts," said Federal's President, Jason Vanderbirk. "Federal's support will contribute greatly to Ducks Unlimited's mission to conserve restore and manage wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. I am certain this partnership will help create long-lasting environmental improvements for future generations."

Black Cloud TSS, the ammunition at the center of the promotional partnership, uses FLITESTOPPER Steel pellets and 18 g/cc Tungsten Super Shot. The TSS pellets maintain velocity at farther distances because they're 56 percent lighter than lead and more than double the density of steel. That means they hit as hard and penetrate as deeply as any waterfowl payload on the market.