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Feast Your Eyes on These Drool-Worthy Vintage Shotgun Ads and Photos

vintage shotgun

Rest your eyes on these outstanding vintage shotgun advertisements. They'll make you want to round up the dogs and hit the fields.

Here's something fun and interesting to engage your daydreaming muscles for a few minutes. Check out these cool vintage shotgun photos interspersed with some old shotgun magazine advertisements from when you were a kid--or maybe even before that.

I just love looking at well-composed photos of old firearms and old gun ads like the kind found in vintage American sporting magazines. Who doesn't? A lot of us, no matter our age, eat up this old school stuff like candy.

It must be the overwhelming sense of nostalgia we get when we view images like these.


This one speaks to the cowboy in all of us.

1972 MARLIN 120 Magnum Pump Shotgun

Here's an ad from 1972 for a Marlin Model 120 Magnum Pump Shotgun.

total harmony cycle

This is a double-barrel, 28-gauge hammer gun. Perfect for autumn bird hunting.

1982 WEATHERBY Model Eighty-two Automatic & Ninety-two Pump Action SHOTGUN

This vintage 1982 Weatherby ad makes you imagine upland bird hunting on a sunny day.

Gentleman Bobwhite

A beautiful autumn day to be in the field with your shotgun.

1956 Ad Winchester Model 50 12/20 GA Shotgun
pinterest - gatsncaps

This is a 1956 ad for the Winchester Model 50 shotgun.

pinterest - midwest pheasant

I wonder how many doves this old side-by-side 20-gauge has taken over the years.

1973 MARLIN Model 120 Pump SHOTGUN

Although this Marlin Model 120 Pump Shotgun ad is from 1973, it references an even earlier time in United States history.

Gentleman Bobwhite

One shot, one ruffed grouse for this hammered double-barrel. Old hunting guns are the best!

vintage ad browser

That's a whole lotta shotshells in this Winchester Model 12 ad from 1950. Who wouldn't love getting one of these for Christmas?


Another beautiful photo. Check out the front end of that car too!

Ray Trade UK

Remington's Model 31 Pump touts its new "Aeromet" receiver alloy in one of these vintage gun ads from 1947.

pinterest - Dennis H

A Winchester 1897 looks about as badass as can be in this predominantly black photo.


This vintage ad encourages you to engage your sense of hearing.

Gentleman Bobwhite

There's nothing quite as romantic as hunting quail with a double barreled hammer shotgun.


This vintage ad declares that "Every true hunter should own at least one" Browning A5.

Sunflowers and Searching Hearts

How's this for a gun rack line-up?


This 1961 Browning A5 ad heralds each of the company's shotgun options.


Winchester shotguns always look so good in old photos. The 1897 is one tough weapon.


This vintage Winchester Model 1912 pump-shotgun ad promises a great day of hunting.

How was that for a trip down daydream lane? Kind of makes you want to lace up your Red Wing boots, don your felt hunting cap, and get out where the thistles and long grass grows, doesn't it?

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Feast Your Eyes on These Drool-Worthy Vintage Shotgun Ads and Photos