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Vintage Film of Legendary Archers Young, Hill and Schulz [VIDEO]

Here are the days before compound bows and high-tech gear, when the archers who used “stick and string” were romantic figures who cleared the path.

Here we have snippets that show three early icons of archery: Art Young, Howard Hill and John Schulz.

Of Art Young, Leonard K. Osberg wrote sometime in the early 1930s, “First of all a man then a true sportsman and a consummate archer-hunter, is perhaps the best possible definition of Art Young.”

In this video, Young and companion hike over streams and into the mountains, where Young takes a bighorn ram and a grizzly bear.

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Howard Hill was unofficially referred to as the “World’s Greatest Archer” and was an accomplished collegiate athlete. According to Howard Hill Archery, Hill also won an unprecedented 196 Field Archery tournaments in a row.

In this video, we see Hill tillering and working on his bow, before splitting an arrow in flight by shooting at a hand-held short sword.

Finally we see master archer John Schulz engage in a bit of trick shooting by nailing in mid-air what looks like an aspirin tossed by an assistant. Schulz was also a master bowyer and made many Howard Hill bows.

I love viewing old bits of film. I especially like those vintage clips of outdoor pursuits with legendary archers, hunters and fishermen.

If you would like to see more pieces of vintage footage like this, just let us know.

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Vintage Film of Legendary Archers Young, Hill and Schulz [VIDEO]