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Our Favorite New Replacement Blade Knife

We looked for a great replacement blade knife, and definitely found one.

While skinning and field dressing game never really changes, there are always plenty of new hunting knives that hit the market on a regular basis.

We are always looking for a knife with improved function and performance that gets the job done faster. With that in mind, nothing beats the Razor-Pro from Outdoor Edge.

The Razor-Pro is Outdoor Edge?s new double blade knife with a replaceable razor blade on one side, plus their signature gutting blade on the other. This gutting blade opens game like a zipper without cutting hair or piercing vital organs. What makes this knife unique is the patent pending riveted blade holder that fully supports the razor blade. This gives all the strength of a traditional knife blade and the razor performance of a surgeon?s scalpel. Another feature we like is how the blades change safe and easy with the push of a button.

The rubberized blaze orange handle offers a secure, non-slip grip and saves us time because the knife is easy to find when setting it down. The Razor-Pro comes complete with 6 vacuum sealed replacement blades and a heavy duty Mossy Oak camo sheath that stores the knife and spare blades in one unit. You can also get the Razor-Pro as a knife-saw combo with a 4-1/2? aluminum handle folding saw.


If you are tired of your dull old knife and would like a new one that you don?t have to sharpen, we highly recommend the Razor-Pro. With Christmas right around the corner it will also make a great gift for that special hunter in your life.

See Wild TV?s Gear Hunters put the Razor-Pro to the test on elk

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Our Favorite New Replacement Blade Knife