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Father's Day 2018: 20 Gift Ideas for the Camping Dad

If Dad is an outdoorsman, he'll love any one of these gift ideas.

If your father fits under this description, he'd likely rather wake up in a tent than his own bed some days.

Below are 20 items we know he'll love this Father's Day. Whether he like hunting, fishing or camping, all of these items will serve some kind of purpose.

1. Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Power Storage

Even though we camp to get away from electronics like our cell phones, it's always a good to keep them charged. The Goal Zero Venture 30 can keep all electronics that are charged via USB and ready for use. These things can charge cameras, tablets, phones, you name it. Add in the NOMAD 7 solar panel and you have an unlimited supply of fast-charging power in the palm of your hand.

$99 at Cabela's

2. Cabelas Alaknak Tent

Sitting at 12x12 feet, this strong, durable tent is made for the man who's ready to camp, rain or shine. This tent can withstand super-strong winds, torrential downpours, heavy snowfall and can even house a fireplace for those colder nights. Just about any father out there would love the Cabela's Alaknak Tent, and I'm sure he'd love to bring the whole family with him.

$899 via Cabela's

3. Cabela's Outdoorsman 3800/4750-Watt Generator

Let's face it, when we're camping, we all still need a little power most of the time. Generators can cost a great deal of money for something you only use a few hours at a time while camping. Luckily for us, we don't have to break the bank anymore and we can still have our electricity. The Cabela's outdoorsman 3800/4750-Watt Generator by Champion is a great choice for anyone looking for a little extra power for a little cheaper.

$379 via Cabela's

4. 5.11 Cascadia Windbreaker Jacket

father's day 2018

5.11 Tactical

If Dad owns even one item from 5.11 Tactical, you know he'll love this. These lightweight, go-anywhere pieces pack into their own pockets, making them easy to take on any adventure. They'll help to weather those days when the wind and temperatures can change in minutes. This jacket features venting just behind the shoulders and a durable polyester fabric with a DWR finish, along with two-way YKK®-zippered front pockets perfect for your phone, keys and other essentials.

$69 for the Vest via 5.11 Tactical

$79 for the Jacket via 5.11 Tactical

5. Camp Chef Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove

This little guy will cook up breakfast, lunch, dinner and even s'mores, although we suggest doing that over the campfire. This triple-burner stove from Camp Chef has become an essential for campers. The adjustable burners makes cooking easy, and with the griddle, you literally become a camp chef yourself. These durable, affordable stoves are a favorite among campers.

$299 via Cabela's

6. Eddie Bauer Men's Guide Pants

Eddie Bauer's Guide Pro Pants are one of the best camping and adventure pants around. These pants are perfect for any Dad that loves to get after it outside. They're light, flexible and breathable for when you're active during the day, and they're tough enough to withstand all the dirty work that goes along with a weekend of camping.

$56 via Amazon

7. Wine in a Can by IMT

That's right, wine in a freaking can. These technically come in a serving and a half, but that just helps give "just one" a whole new meaning. Infinite Monkey Theorem was the first wine company to take a page from the successful craft beer industry, as they began canning and kegging their wine. If Dad loves wine, this is certainly a great gift for him. They also offer a can-of-the-month mailing club which he may be interested in, too! 

4-Pack Starting at $15 via IMT

8. Suerte Tequila Blanco

Father's Day 2018


If wine in a can isn't his thing, you can't go wrong getting him some smooth, one-of-a-kind, award-winning tequila. Suerte Blanco would be the perfect gift for the father who enjoys margaritas as the warmer weather moves in.

Find a Suerte dealer near you.

9. Matador Hydrolite Hydration Backpack

Matador has partnered with leaders in hydration and filtration technology to bring you the world's first packable hydration pack. Designed specifically for travel and adventure, a built-in filtration system gives you access to clean drinking water anywhere in the world. Dad can feel at ease drinking from rivers, lakes and international taps with the in-line Sawyer MINI Water Filter attached to a 2-liter Hydrapak Elite reservoir. An AirSupport back panel adds comfort, and when deflated, allows you to compress the pack down to the size of a water bottle for ultimate portability. This is perfect for Dads on the go, whether they're traveling overseas or camping in the backyard.

$189 via Matador

10. Midland Radio XT511 Base Camp

This is perfect for Dad to stay connected with friends and family while out camping. It features 22 channels, five power options and the NOAA Weather Radio with Alert. The XT511 also doubles as an AM/FM Radio, making it the ultimate communication tool.

$99 via Amazon

11. Cabela's Alaskan Guide Cot & Cot Pad

Dad has never felt comfort while sleeping in a tent than he will after plopping down on a Cabela's Alaskan Guide Cot. Paired with the Cot Pad, it almost feels like a luxury mattress. If Dad suffers from back pain, this combo is a must!

Alaskan Guide Cot $109 via Cabela's

Cot Pad $79 via Cabela's

12. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

The is the perfect little portable power source for him to have while he's camping. Just about any electronic device is compatible with the Yeti 150 Solar Generator, making it the ultimate safe and portable power source, perfect for inside-the-tent essentials.

$199 via Cabela's

13. Goal Zero USB Light

This is the perfect set of lights for camping. String them up wherever you need some light. Each LED light has a high and low mode at either 110 or 30 lumens. For more light, connect another Light-a-Life Mini Quad USB light set and string up some more!

$89 via Cabela's

14. Cabela's Stainless Steel Tumbler

There aren't any ice machines or fresh coffee pots when you're camping. So, the best way to keep your drink ice-cold or your coffee hot is with a steel tumbler from Cabela's. Sleek, practical and affordable, this one is sure to be a hit with Dad.

$14.99 via Cabelas

15. THULE Sapling Elite

This pack is built to support a day hike, a short backpacking excursion, a weekend getaway, oh, and even a child. That's right, this is the perfect gift for the newer fathers who love to get outdoors. Loaded with goodies and extra storage, the THULE sapling elite is a safe, comfortable child-carrier backpack with quick adjustments that can fit both parents. It comes with a viewing mirror, a removable backpack and roomy hip-belt pockets for all the essentials.

$319 via THULE

16. NIKON Monarch HG 10x42

If Dad not only camps, but loves to look at wildlife, you can't go wrong with the NIKON Monarch HG binoculars. If he's a hunter, these double as one amazing pair of optics. These binoculars were voted to have the best quality for best price in 2017, beating out higher-end brands while still costing less. They also come with a lifetime warranty so no matter what happens, Dad will always be protected.

$899 via Cabela's

17. Thermacell's Backpacker Mosquito Repeller

Weighing in at just 4 ounces with a minimalist design, this is the perfect accessory to keep Dad's campsite bug-free. It uses fuel from any proprietary isobutane camp canister (MSR, jet boil, etc.) to heat a mat that's treated with Allethrin, the synthetic compound found in the Chrysanthemum flower. Allethrin is vaporized into the air giving users a 15-square-foot, odor-free zone of protection from mosquitoes and other pesky biting bugs. All Thermacell products have been approved by the EPA for safety and effectiveness.

$32 via Amazon

18. Liberty Duck Bib Overalls

The classic Liberty Bibs have been available in denim since 1912. In the last few years, however, Liberty expanded their line to feature an attractive Pecan bib. Basically, any Dad who loves the outdoors and needs a good pair of overalls won't have to rock full denim to stay protected. Overalls are an essential item for most men and you can't go wrong with the quality of Liberty.

$44.99 via Tractor Supply

19. MTN OPs Ignite

Whether camping with the family, hiking in to a secret fishing spot, or concluding a hunting trip by packing a big bull off the mountain, Dad will be thrilled to have MTN OPS Ignite. This supplement includes choline bitartrate, L-tryosine and DMAE Bitartrate to improve cognitive function. Additionally, using the amino acid L-citrulline, Ignite™ delivers 20-hour release of Nitric Oxide. This provides long-lasting energy, improved hydration and faster recovery without the jitters or the crash.

$39.99 via Amazon

20. Bio Shield All-Natural Tick, Flea, Bed Bug and Mosquito Repellent

DEET-free and all-natural, this stuff will be a favorite for any family. Bio Shield is designed to naturally repel and kill ticks, fleas, bed bugs and mosquitos. Not only does it repel, but through neurorx, a registered formula, Bio Shield attacks the octopamine in insects, which in non-doctor terms means knocks 'em out. 

$31.99 via Amazon

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