Medieval House
YouTube: TA Outdoors

Father and Son Team Build Medieval House Replica Using Only Hand Tools and Natural Materials


The process of building this medieval home is incredibly satisfying to watch.

Even though we live in a modern age where most people do not have to usually fend for themselves in the wild, it is worth looking at the past and the way humans lived to better appreciate the world that we live in. Thankfully, there is a small, if niche group of survival enthusiasts on the Internet who still like to do things the old-fashioned way, even if it is just for fun.

The father and son team in the video we are sharing today take things a step further. They painstakingly re-create a medieval Anglo Saxon pit house in the woods.

To make things even more impressive, they build this amazing little house using no modern power tools. They cut every log with hand saws and drill every hole with a hand auger. The results are amazing piece of medieval engineering and one of the most relaxing build videos we have ever seen.


Pit houses like this are not anything new. In fact, many cultures throughout the world have built some variant of structure like this at some point in their history. The design you saw constructed here was popular in Europe between the fifth and 11 centuries according to the video's description. It rains quite a bit in northern Europe, so a shelter like this was important throughout much of the year.

The video's description also states it took this guy and his dad about 10 days to build this shelter. That is an impressive feat without the use of modern power tools. Just drilling out those holes for the wooden pegs had to be exhausting and would have taken hours of time to complete. It really makes you appreciate how far we have come as far as construction technologies.

We are not sure about you, but this was one of the most impressive demonstrations of bushcraft that we have seen in quite some time. It takes some serious skills and patience to do something like this today. Well done gentlemen, and thanks for sharing the experience of the build with the world!

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