Fat Largemouth Bass
YouTube: Ty PigPatrol

Angler Lands Ridiculously Fat Largemouth Bass Under a Dock

The largemouth bass has long had a reputation for being aggressive, and plenty of anglers will agree this fish sometimes has a mouth that is bigger than its stomach. However, it's not often we get to see this trait in action. In today's video, one of our favorite YouTubers, Ty PigPatrol, is fishing a dock that's normally loaded with crappie. However, it seems the spot has been taken over by largemouth bass. It doesn't take long for Ty to land a nice fish on a crappie jig. However, it's the second bass of the day that boggles the mind.

The second fish gives Ty a real fight as it wraps the line around the dock pilings. Considering that he's using 4-pound test line, it's a small miracle that Ty is even able to get the fish untangled from the piling. When he finally lips the fish and pulls it out of the water, he's in for a shock. The bass is only about 17 inches long. But it has one of the fattest guts you'll ever see on a largemouth bass.

This just speaks to the ferocity and voracious appetite of the largemouth. This fish had not even fully swallowed the tilapia it had obviously just attacked before it struck Ty's jig. I had something almost identical happen to me as a kid years ago. I caught a 5-pound bass that had the claw of a crayfish sticking out of its throat when I hooked it on a spinnerbait.

We know that the bass are fattening up for the spawn at this time of year, but this fish was just ridiculous. It seems obvious this bass had just eaten this tilapia, which is why its gut was much larger than normal. Still, it's still quite mind-boggling to see a fish this fat. Congrats to Ty on the most ridiculous 17-inch bass we've ever seen!

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