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Fastest Slingshot Shooter Alive?

fastest slingshot shooter alive

Did you have a homemade slingshot in your younger days?

Well, this kid is probably quicker than we were back then.

Watch the video below and see a kid that just might be the fastest slingshot shooter alive.

Rapid shoot

This young guy should be one of the fastest slingshot shooters.

Posted by GZK CHINA on Thursday, November 2, 2017

GZK CHINA shared a video on Facebook that might take us back to our childhoods. This young man in China is a really quick shot with a slingshot, but he's also deadly accurate.

Many of us were learned how to make homemade slingshots when we were younger to shoot cans and pests. I was pretty quick and accurate years ago with a homemade slingshot, but I don't think I was as quick or accurate as this marksman.

After watching this video, I feel like building another homemade slingshot. How about you?

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Fastest Slingshot Shooter Alive?