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The Classic Crosman Powermaster 66 Air Rifle

Many of us have the memory of our first ever pellet gun that changed our lives, and mine was the Crosman Powermaster 66.

The Crosman Powermaster 66A was made with a metal receiver, and in later models it was made in all plastic receiver. This 10 pump air rifle can shoot bbs from an internal magazine or single shot .177 caliber pellets with great accuracy. At around 680 feet per second at a full ten pumps, it gets some power behind it.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

This beauty takes me back to a simpler time when after school I headed off to the wilds to explore and wipe out those pesky cans litter bugs left after parties. I developed my shooting instincts with it and was surprised after shooting my new vintage to find that it felt like I was that teenager again.

Twenty five years melted away in seconds. That old pellet rifle in my hands felt as if I just found a time machine to bring my prized treasure back to this current date. While shooting it with my wife, she realized that pellet rifle was the same model she shot as a kid also. She now wants to steal it from me but she will have to play nice and share.

The Crosman Powermaster 66 is still indeed manufactured and can be bought with a whole shooting kit for around $50. Check out Sports Authority for a great sale.

If you know a young outdoors person, this might be the perfect air rifle for him or her to learn on. The memories made with mine will never be forgotten and now have resurfaced with the clone of my old lost treasure from my youth.

And for all of us big kids, it is a great way to have cheap, quiet practice and use it on backyard pests when needed. My old gun can still shoot and the new models will do the same.

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The Classic Crosman Powermaster 66 Air Rifle