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Family Farm Monkey's House Becomes Loving Dog Hospice

We all need some extra love and care during our final days.

Named after Michele and Jeff Allen's beloved dog, Monkey, Monkey's House is a dog hospice and sanctuary where senior dogs go to spend their final days. Alternatively, older shelter dogs with special needs are also taken from crowded kill shelters and become residents of the Monkey House. There, homeless dogs get the end-of-life care they need in a real home.

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Allen cares for around 25 dogs at a time. All dogs get home-cooked meals based on their medical needs, with individual meal plans created by the organization's veterinarian. The dogs also receive herbs and natural supplements, acupuncture and chiropractic work, and veterinary care like necessary blood work. It's a great place for dogs with health issues, heart problems, or terminal diagnoses to get loving care and a little help. Their mission is for optimum wellness in the time the dogs have left.

Around 50 volunteers help Allen and her husband, Jeff, care for the hospice dogs. Allen says someone is always cooking, doing laundry, walking dogs, or preparing medication.

"It's extremely important to me that we not fail them in their final moments," Michele Allen said. "I want them to have a very gentle passing, and I want them feeling as loved and supported as they can be."

Michele and Jeff Allen are life-long animal lovers and advocates. They run Monkey's House from a small farm in Burlington County, New Jersey. Still in the early stages, many dogs have been helped to date.

"We are thrilled at the way things are moving forward. We have met some incredible people along this journey and are so very appreciative of their help. Each and everyone of the dogs is extremely precious and has added something to Monkey's House. Monkey would be thrilled, we know he is at the Rainbow Bridge greeting his friends as they join him."

Check out a short video from NJTV News about the hospice care at Monkey's House:

To learn more about this wonderful nonprofit organization, visit their website, Also, if you are looking to help out, click here.

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