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Barrel Racer Learns to Jump and Teaches Us an Important Lesson

Barrel racer Fallon Taylor is taking a break from the pattern and is giving something else a try instead - jumping! 

Fallon Taylor is at the top of the barrel racing sport. She and her horse Babyflo have achieved fame, earned sponsorships from top companies like Troxel, and basically proven that they're insanely good at barrel racing. Heck, Breyer has even made a model horse of Babyflo!

But if you look closely at the video below of a rider jumping a horse, you'll realize that it's actually Fallon Taylor. Nope, she's not working on a barrel racing pattern - she's giving a different discipline a try for a change.

Take a look.

But what Taylor has to say about why she started jumping? It's something that every equestrian should read:

I'm gonna big sister you for a minute! Have you wondered why I started jumping? Like really wondered ?????
I'll break it down. When you gain some level of success you often forget what it felt like to be a beginner. Being a beginner makes you tough, shows character and perseverance — should you stick with it and begin to master your craft. It shows your humility to submit your fears to a purpose larger than yourself and it shows action into the unknown scary abyss that holds your bliss. .
Being a beginner is the scariest, craziest, most intimidating thing a person could ever do for themselves ESPECIALLY when they could just rest on being a winner in another area of life. .
I get to feel the negativity again of "you should work on......." several times a day and for that I'm so thankful for those people. They drive me to continue to push myself and by pushing me the ripple effect of me pushing my friends @codiharman@jessieharman and @stormeyward to be better has begun! .
So — to you — the person still trying to be the best at something but constantly hear ? criticisms — PUSH HARDER! We are all beginners at something. .
To the "you need to work on".....people....I would like to donate back to you. When your thumbs reach the urge to type "you need to work on".....instead of donating your mastery knowledge to me for FREE....whip out a pen and paper ? and write down 3 things that you should work on today to improve yourself. 3 things that would help you master something. .
While I love ? experiencing being a beginner I knew tons of backlash came with it and it helps me relate to my Flomies even more! For that I am beyond grateful..... Now for FREE I'm spitting my knowledge back atcha! .
You need to work on.......YOU! .
Go get all the life you can out of this world ? and do amazing things!! ??

So, are you inspired to try out a new discipline, or just to challenge yourself with something outside your comfort zone? I know I am!

What do you think of Taylor's explanation of why she's giving jumping a try? Tell us in the comments below. 

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