Tyler Bradt, Extreme Kayaker, Goes 189 Feet Over a Waterfall

You'll rethink what a kayak is for when you see this intrepid fellow go over a 189-foot tall waterfall.

By the end of this video the actual descent goes down a bit, to 186 feet. Does that make it any easier to believe? Apparently, extreme kayaker Tyler Bradt did it!

If you haven't seen this before then grab some popcorn, pull up a seat and prepare to watch the madness. How did he even fit his balls into that little kayak??

Here's the video:

According to National Geographic, Bradt's big (insane) run was in 2009 over the Palouse Falls in Washington State.

The falls are rated at about 18 stories high and have some 2,000 cubic feet per second running over them at any one time.

Bradt said,

"There was a stillness. Then an acceleration, speed, and impact unlike anything I've ever felt before. I wasn't sure if I was hurt or not. My body was just in shock."

The only word that sticks out to me is 'impact' Congratulations, now cut it out because I don't want to see someone get hurt to break a record!