speedboat race

This Old School Speedboat Race Shows Just How Crazy We Used to Be

From the "they don't make them like they used to" department: a speedboat race the likes of which you've probably never seen.

"They don't make them like they used to" also applies, without a doubt, to the men in this video.

Watch how many times one of these intrepid boat riders comes face to face with peril, and all in the name of entertainment! Between the off-the-wall (and off-the-boat) jumps and the cypress trees, these merry men and their speedboats are a breed apart.

Here's what it looks like to drive a bathtub with a outboard motor attached to it across the water, through the air, and right onto shore!

With names like Mercury Kid, Static, Lightning, and Nutz it's no wonder these were the guys chosen to ride these crazy and magnificent boats. Some of those moves were just plain dangerous. Did you see the guy bail at 36 seconds so he could sacrifice the boat to the trees?? Or how their feet come right off the deck on the jumps?

All with an old school life jacket and a WWII surplus helmet!

I think there are a few collectors out there that would like to have put that fleet in a barn for a few years.