exotic sika deer

Exotic Sika Deer Captured on Trail Camera in New York

An exotic sika deer was captured on trail camera in New York. 

The exotic sika deer is seen captured on a trail camera near Granby, New York in Oswego County. The deer was captured on camera by two unrelated sources, however, it still has not been found.

Native to Japan and eastern Asia the sika deer is an exotic species from the elk and deer family. The deer is wanted killed by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC doesn't want the sika deer spreading disease from its previous inhabitants.

The sika deer species exists in the states of Texas, Virginia and Maryland, but not in New York. There is, however, one select operation in Long Island. While it is possible that the deer simply migrated from the Chesapeake area, it is unlikely. More than likely the deer escaped a captive environment.

A male sika deer is identified by its elk-like antlers only smaller and a similar white patch on its rump. The Department of Agriculture and Market is responsible to keep in contact with exotic animal operations, but no such deer have been reported missing.

Chronic wasting disease has not been found in New York since 2005, yet numerous cases have been reported in surrounding states just this last year. The disease affects the central nervous system and if not kept in check will spread quickly through populations. The disease is 100 percent fatal, and currently there is no known cure.

The sika deer is not protected, and unprotected animals such as exotics can be harvested at anytime with the proper license.

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