EXCLUSIVE: New Show 'Miss Wildgame' Will Put Insta-Famous Huntress Girls to the Test

"We're gonna see if these girls are faking it for more followers or posing for more likes."

A new show and the first of its kind is about to hit Outdoor Channel. It's a show many have been anticipating and it's finally come to fruition with a debut this May.

The show is called Miss Wildgame, and the creators claim it will test the skills of insta-famous huntresses to see if they are the real deal or if they are posing to gain social media likes and follows.

"Our goal is to highlight women hunters and showcase their outdoor lifestyle skills and prowess, as well as athleticism," said Matt Busbice, who will host Miss Wildgame. "We are grateful Outdoor Sportsman Group sees the value in this program and is willing to give these women added exposure."

Check out this teaser:

Miss Wildgame boils down to a hardcore whitetail hunting competition, but in this case it pits the female hunters with a large online following against each other in a head-to-head battle.

Some of us are familiar with the first lady of hunting, Brenda Valentine, and there have been other trailblazers like Vicki Cianciarulo and Kandi Kisky. They all earned their way through hard work, proving themselves in an industry heavily dominated by males.

But what about the women who have used the modernized side of social media to get themselves fame and exposure in the hunting industry? Miss Wildgame is about to put those women to the test. The show will find the difference between the real female hunters and the fake huntresses.

The show will fly in girls from all over the country and bring them to the Busbice Ranch in North Louisiana. There, they will compete head-to-head in the whitetail hunting competition, plus there will be hog bonuses, doe patrol bonuses, coyote bonuses and crossbow and fishing competitions as well.

The show will first air on May 11th at 7pm EST on Outdoor Channel

As hunters, we all strive to be great and contribute what we can to grow the sport. I am looking very forward to this show and can only hope they add a male version of this in the future, as women aren't the only ones using social media to climb into the hunting industry.

Women, unfortunately, sometimes seem to have to prove themselves more than men in this space, so this show is a great opportunity for these girls to say, "Take that!" and get some more exposure. Good on them.

Who knows, maybe if the show does well there will be a second season. Then maybe you prove to yourself and your followers that you too have what it takes to be Miss Wildgame.

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