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27 Harvested Turkey Photos so Good They're Artwork

Check out all these artistic photos so far for 2017 on Instagram, of turkeys people have harvested.

In the early years, when you harvested a game animal, you took often just one photo. You would hike up behind your trophy, hold the normal "I shot this" pose and snap the picture.

Today, however, people have filters, better cameras and digital storage allowing for a great deal of photos to be taken. With that, people have become artistic with their photos on Instagram this season as they harvest their turkeys.

We went through the recent turkeys already harvested in 2017 and found a handful of truly artful photos. These photos may have a unique angle, person, or background, or they might just capture a breathtaking moment. All-in-all, if it was worth sharing, we put it below for you to take a look.

1. Hangin' Up The Hat

2. Up Close

Napping season is around the corner. Photo: @nick.sherrod #wtr17

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3. The Story Log

4. Hang it up

5. Fencelined

Hung up #cantstoptheflop #longbeards #turkeyhunting #gobblers #springtime #turkeytom #turkeyspurs

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6. 'Merica

7. Beautiful Browns

Winning #turkeyhunting #gobblegobble #photography #sonya7rii #wildlifephotography

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8. SPURfect

New arrivals at camp. Photo: @floutdoors #wtr17

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9. Holy Macro

Who else loves turkey hunting Rios? #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #TurkeyHunting #Kansas #Hunting

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10. Sunrise

Thankful for sunrises, and the turkeys the make them even more beautiful. Photo: @ryannitz

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11. Worth a 1000 Words

12. Scent Crusher's Very Own

HOOKS for days!! #ScentOffGameOVER

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13. Dirt Nap

14. Junior's Day

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15. Cabela's Turkey Roost

16. She's a Hunter

17. Red, White and Blue

The true colors of spring! Always amazed by the beauty in a spring gobbler. #TurkeyRoost #fanoftheweek #entry

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18. The Text Home

19. Green Wheat and Blue Skies

20. Teach them young

21. Swamp Chicken

22. Fooled Him

23. Cloud Cover

#turkeyroost #fanoftheweek #entry

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24. The Drury Silhouette

25. Laid to rest

26. Wish upon a star

27. Historical Moments

@cabelas #TurkeyRoost #FanOfTheWeek #Entry

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Turkey hunting is a sport in which many memories are created. Spending time with friends and family, and having a few laughs, makes turkey hunting so great. These artistic photos of turkey trophies, are a great reminder of just how beautiful God's country is. It's also a reminder of just how beautiful the wild turkey is as well.

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