baikal mp94
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Everything There Is to Know About the Baikal MP94

This combination gun is a versatile hunter that will help make sure you don't leave the field empty-handed.

The idea of a combination, or combo, gun isn't a new one, but it's still a relevant one. Hunters have found a single firearm that can fire both a centerfire or rimfire rifle cartridge and a shotgun load from a smoothbore barrel to be an extremely versatile hunting tool for generations.

It allows a hunters, seasons permitting, to venture into the woods for whitetail with, say, a .308, and have a 12-gauge barrel of birdshot on hand for small game or upland birds they might see on the way out of an unsuccessful sit.

Or, if someone is a subsistence hunter, a combo gun allows them to take pretty much any game they come across depending on the ammo that is loaded in each barrel.

Some folks carry a small caliber handgun, or something like a Taurus Judge or Smith & Wesson Governor loaded with .410 shotshells for small game, but for that to be effective, one has to be an excellent shot with a handgun or be really close to the target.

The Baikal Arms MP94 is a simple, over/under break action combination gun with a smoothbore shotgun barrel on top and a centerfire rifle barrel on the bottom and a double trigger.

The Baikal MP94 with a 12-gauge shotgun barrel on top comes with the option of a lower rifle barrels chambered in .308 Winchester, .223 Remington, .30-06 Springfield, or 7.62x39mm. After all, Baikal is a Russian gunmaker (the Baikal MP94 is imported by U.S. Sporting Goods).

There is also a smaller model that pairs a .410 shotgun barrel with barrels in various rimfire chamberings.

Each gun features 24-inch barrels and the front trigger, as usually, fires the top barrel and the rear trigger fires the bottom rifle barrel. The shotgun barrel is threaded for choke tubes and cylinder, improved cylinder, modified and full choke tubes are included, making the gun even more versatile.

This combo gun comes standard with an adjustable open sight and the receiver includes an integral dovetail for affixing a scope mount. The gun is finished with a walnut stock and a classic blued finish on the steel parts.

The gun overall measures just 40 inches, making it easy to carry afield, especially using a sling—the MP94 includes sling swivels on the barrel and the stock. The gun breaks down quickly like most over-and-unders do.

Of course, the biggest disadvantage is you only have one shot from either barrel.