Everything You Need to Know About the Californian Rabbit

The Californian rabbit is a beautiful breed of rabbit that's highly versatile. Not only does this white rabbit make a great pet, but it's also a popular show rabbit, too. These rabbits can be somewhat shy, but when given time to get to know their owners, they can be highly friendly.

If you're thinking of getting a Californian rabbit, be prepared to have a friendly little friend who will be happy to cuddle with you once he knows you.

These rabbits are relatively healthy and can make a great addition to your home.


The Californian rabbit breed is distinguished by its coloring—a white body with black points (the legs, nose and ears). This color pattern with black markings is caused by the "Himalayan gene," which makes the rabbits almost completely albino, except for their points.

According to Rabbit Breeders, when full-grown, the Californian Rabbit weighs between 8 and 10.5 pounds. They have a muscular body type and, thanks to their thick fur, they can live inside your home or in an outdoor hutch. This breed of rabbit has powerful hindquarters and has an average lifespan of 5-10 years.


The breed was developed in the 1920s in California by crossing Himalayan rabbits, which also have the pointed coloring, with Standard Chinchilla rabbits, and then breeding the offspring with New Zealand rabbits to achieve the desired size. The Californian rabbit and the New Zealand rabbit are very similar in size and body shape, and both breeds are raised for their meat and fur.

Pet Guide states that the Californian rabbit was first included in an American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1932. The breed was officially recognized in 1939. Since then, the Californian rabbit has become a highly popular breed.


Californian rabbits are popular show rabbits and quite frequently win Best in Show at competitions. They are also frequently used as meat rabbits, but they also make great pets and house rabbits. These rabbits are known for being versatile, because they serve multiple purposes, and no matter what their purpose, they are prized.


According to Rabbit Breeders, Californian rabbits need a high-fiber diet that consists mainly of quality hay. They'll need a cage that's large enough so that these rabbits have a space for sleeping and a separate place to eat, hide, and use their litter box. You'll also need to let your rabbit out of his cage regularly so that he can get plenty of exercise.

If you're thinking of adding a rabbit to your home, a Californian rabbit might be a great choice. Be sure that you're prepared for the responsibility that comes with owning a rabbit. If you provide your new bunny with quality care, you'll be rewarded with a new friend who's happy to spend time with you.

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