Why Every Auto Nut Needs to Go to SEMA (and What I'd Do If I Got In)

SEMA... Just the mention of it brings a yearning to some people's faces, and a look of confusion to others.

If you know what the SEMA Show is, then you already know why I've been trying to figure out how to get there in any way possible.

For those of you confused by the word SEMA, let me try to explain it a little better. Imagine if you will, a unique auto show in a gigantic convention center. Sounds good, already doesn't it?

Now add in tens of thousands of aftermarket auto parts, and you end up with a paradise for people like me. Well, really everyone. Who doesn't like modifying their car with the latest and greatest products?!

There are so many things to be found at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, that it takes multiple days to see everything. They have it open to members of the industry and the media for four days.

Think about that: Just four days to try and pull this all in! It's sounds rough, but I'm ready to go. And there isn't much I wouldn't do to get in...

For starters, I think that a running microblog of the things I find there would be excellent for everyone who wants to know what it's like to be on the show floor. I'd be the eyes and ears for every car geek who ever wanted to attend.

You'd have a man inside the convention, showing you everything. The auto journalist's dream... I could work something out with my editors here, right guys?

Secondly, SWAG! Yes! I would grab some swag and give it away to a few lucky folks! Only after I filtered through and kept the coolest things, of course.

The companies always give away some pretty nice stuff; who doesn't want another bottle opener with a random name on it? I know I would!

I'd also take photos of myself in front of every debuting car, just so I could say I was amongst the first to lay eyes on it, and here's the proof!

I might have to seek out a few interview subjects, because there's always a good collection of auto celebs who show up. Ok, so maybe they're only folks an obsessive auto nut like me would know, but it would still be cool to talk to them!

What else would I do? Well, aside from illegal or immoral acts I think I'm pretty open to some ideas. Do you have any that you'd like to see? What would you have me do to convince my editors to fund my trip out there and give them the articles of a lifetime? Let us know! I'm going to have a chat with my editors soon because SEMA is not too far from today!