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Video: Watch This Bull Elk Shed His Antlers

How often do you get to see something like this?

Hardly ever. Finding a massive set of elk antlers in the field is cool, but watching a bull shed its antlers and capturing it on camera...that's awesome.

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Earlier this spring, Utah hunter Kolten Banks was lucky enough to film an elk shedding his antlers. Tines Up, a Utah-based hunting guide service, shared the footage this week.

This bull had already shed his left side when Banks started filming. After the right side comes off, the bull shakes his head around, looking relieved to lose his massive mantle. It must feel weird walking around with all that weight on top of your head.

If you thought that was cool, you should check out this footage of an albino buck shedding his headgear.

Most deer and elk shed their antlers during March and April, a time when their testosterone levels are generally at the lowest. The low testosterone levels causes the bone connected to the base of the antler to deteriorate and eventually fall off.

What's the biggest shed you've found? 


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Video: Watch This Bull Elk Shed His Antlers