Shooting the Brutal Skorpion Shotgun Slugs is Not for the Weak

Just how lethal are these odd Skorpion shotgun slugs?

Looks are not the deciding factor with this odd shaped shotgun slug.

TAOFLEDERMAUS, the newest Wide Open Spaces video contributor, tries out these Skorpion shotgun slugs to see if they can get the job done.

Outward appearance is only skin deep. This is certainly the case with this incredibly brutal looking Skorpion shotgun slug.

This shotgun slug is 1 1/8 ounces of lead with a pointed steel tip. Fins on the sides of this shotgun slug give it a shark's look. That is about as good as looks get. These slugs shoot horribly. They do not group well and are really unstable in flight. What good is a shotgun slug that refuses to hit the target?

Taofledermaus does his best to get these Skorpion shotgun slugs to actually work. Sometimes the test ammunition just is not a winning combination.