Many Morel Mushrooms
YouTube: Jason Jacobs

Morel Mushrooms Pickers Hit the Jackpot With Secret Hot Spot

The morel mushrooms are everywhere in this unbelievable video.

Can you feel it? Spring is here and temperatures are starting to rise. Yes, morel mushroom hunting season will finally be upon us. We are already looking forward to exploring our favorite patch of woods looking for this wild delicacies. Almost every morel hunter knows someone who has a hidden honey hole that they refuse to share with anyone except a select group of trusted friends.

We are talking about one of those magical locations where the morels are so thick, it is hard to walk through the spot without stepping on them. Most of us have never seen such a mythological hot spot, yet that is just what the guys in this video found.

Jason Jacobs shared a video on YouTube that shows us morel mushroom hunting at its finest.

Did you see that whole hillside covered in morel mushrooms? These delectable fungus treats are spread out across the ground ready to be picked. There are so many in this secret location, it's hard for these guys not to step on them. That is just wild for most morel hunters to think about. Most of us dream of finding a place like this. Few of us ever will because those who do usually keep the secret close to the chest. We cannot blame them for saying "undisclosed location" on this one.

This has us motivated for the morels to start popping up. Get out there and start looking!

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