Rutting Buck Falls Asleep in an Awkward Position After Chasing Does All Day

Good thing it wasn't hunting season, because chasing the ladies would have put this buck in a bad spot.

Sometimes you just get real tired.. so tired that your head weighs about three times its normal weight and your neck just can't support it. And well, this buck is at that point. Apparently, he was out a little too late last night rutting. Chasing women can get you in trouble often, and apparently, it's no different in the animal kingdom.

This video is quite hilarious and shocking. You can spend countless hours hunting and still never run into something like this.

This Texas buck gets a pass this time, but next year he better get his act together before he ends up on someone's wall! This is one tired and very worn out deer.

If you stumbled upon this, you would most likely think it was sick or had been shot and was on the verge expiring. Nope, just a ladies man who could not handle the rut.

I know what you are thinking. Where are these deer when you are hunting?


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