Eva Shockey Shares Kindergarten Story to Remind Us of Gun Safety

The story sends a strong message of the importance of gun safety and good parenting.

Eva Shockey recently shared the story of an experience she had during her very first day of kindergarten. Not only is it humorous but it illustrates the importance of the larger issue of gun safety.

She shared the story via Instagram and Facebook, and it generated a wave of comments from the folks who read it.

Here's the tale, as told by Eva:

"I got detention on my very first day of kindergarten because another boy was pretending to shoot me with his fingers in the shape of a gun and I told him we weren't allowed to point guns at people... he kept doing it and I eventually pushed him (my bad on the pushing... also not allowed). But the point of this story is that my dad taught me the importance of gun safety from day one and I will ALWAYS remember that lesson."

It's funny to think a little girl would be so adamant about the seriousness of firearm safety her father taught her, that she would push another boy.

It's also reveals how gun safety was preached to the Shockey children from day one. The family obviously brooked no foolishness or carelessness with firearms. That's a great way to grow up.

If only our fellow citizens who fear guns and call for more gun control were taught to respect firearms growing up, we'd surely have less conflict and less division in our country than we do now.

Children and guns

Kids and firearms should, in my opinion, go together seamlessly and without hesitation. Fortunately, there seems to be a resurgence of late in raising children to be respectful and knowledgeable about firearms.

High schools have shooting teams and young children are being introduced to firearms in ever-growing numbers. This is true, in spite of some of the anti-gun stories the media peppers us with.

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