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Eva Shockey on Growing up as a Famous Hunter’s Daughter


Eva Shockey tells what it was like growing up as Jim Shockey’s daughter, and when she decided that the outdoor lifestyle was for her.

Eva Shockey has become one of the faces of the modern female hunter. Accomplished, skilled in the outdoors, a wide variety of game under her belt, young, pretty and well-spoken, she embodies everything you could ask for in a representative for hunting.

And her dad is Jim Shockey. You just can’t beat her bona fides.

So what was it like growing up as Jim Shockey’s daughter? Did she always want to be a hunter? The answer might surprise you.

Shockey reveals that growing up as the daughter of a famous hunter was no big deal. At a young age, she didn’t really appreciate who her dad was or what he did for a living. “Most people would assume that when I was, you know, two, three, four years old I knew I wanted to be an outfitter, or a guide or a hunter, or on his tv show, whatever,” she says. “And the truth was, I didn’t really know that. I didn’t know it until I was twenty, I guess, when I really got heavily involved into it.”

Shockey says that she always had a desire to be involved in the hunting industry, though in what capacity she is not sure. She declares that she had always been an observer, not an actual hunter, and that she fell into the trap that so many young women feel: hunting is a man’s sport, there are no female hunters.

That perception has dramatically changed, in no small part thanks to Eva.

“My favorite part of everything that I do is that I get to influence, or at least I get to relate to, a lot of other female hunters and girls that are starting to hunt. So, when I realized I could do that, in a position that I’m in with my dad, who he is, and having a tv show, having a platform to show people what we do and how great hunting is…that’s the exact moment I realized that this is the thing I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Kudos to you, Eva Shockey. My own daughter is a fan and follows your activities. I can say that I am most comfortable and pleased that she has you as a role model.

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Eva Shockey on Growing up as a Famous Hunter’s Daughter