Eva Shockey Calls in Familiar Reinforcements to Pack Out Roosevelt Elk

Cam Hanes steps in to help out fellow Under Armour athlete Eva Shockey.

Those following Eva Shockey might know she was recently in Oregon on a Roosevelt Elk hunt. Roosevelt Elk are the largest of the four species of North American elk by body mass, though their antlers tend to be smaller than their Rocky Mountain relatives.

Shockey had been in the woods for a few days before the right opportunity presented itself for a nice mature bull. After making a well-placed shot, she did the only logical thing to do when hunting elk in Oregon. She called the hometown boy, Cam Hanes, to come help you pack it out.

Cam, whose love for hunting elk in his home state is hardly a secret, jumped at the opportunity. He posted on social media that he received the call from Shockey while at work. He quickly decided to take the rest of the day off to help his friend out.

The crew also includes Riza Lesser, another Oregon native, and others from the Jody Smith Guide Service team.

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