These Escaping Bucks Look as If They're Racing

Watch as these two big bucks get after it across this body of water.

When hunting by bodies of water, you'll see bucks move through water from time to time, especially during the rut. It's not surprising to see them crossing rivers, small ponds and creeks to get to their destination. But when you see them swimming across a body of water this large, this fast and this close to another big buck, then it gets interesting.

Also, these bucks aren't just out for a little swim. They're on a mission to or from something. Side by side as if they're attached to each other, they boogie across this water fast enough to leave a wake.

What a sight!

These are two very big and very mature deer in this strange video clip. I'm surprised this guy wasn't heading to the other side and waiting with a bow.

You have to wonder what made them dive off for a swim anyway!