Elk Hunting With A .338 Lapua
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Elk Hunting With a .338 Lapua? Sure, Why Not

These guys didn't let extreme temperatures or lots of snow prevent them from going elk hunting with a .338 Lapua Magnum in Utah.  

It takes serious dedication to hunt in below zero temperatures, particularly when that involves lugging a really heavy .338 Lapua rifle up the side of a mountain through deep snow. These guys were committed to getting it done on their late season cow elk hunt though.

Fortunately, really cold weather like that can help by pushing elk herds down to lower elevations where they aren't quite so difficult to find. As it turns out, that's what happened with these guys. That doesn't mean it was an easy hunt.

On the contrary, that actually looked like an especially brutal day on the mountain.

Hunting in those conditions is really physically and mentally demanding no matter how you slice it, but carrying a rifle weighing over 20 pounds just makes it that much more difficult. However, as painful as the climb must have been, I'm sure he really appreciated having such a stable shooting platform chambered in a powerful cartridge with lots of reach when it came to taking the shot.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Nice shot!

The heavy recoil of .338 Lapua typically necessitates a heavier rifle, which is the major downside of hunting with that cartridge.

But if you're willing to deal with that extra weight while you're afield, the cartridge is great for longer range shooting and those big 300-grain bullets have more than enough power to take down an elk at extended range.

I personally lean towards using a much lighter rifle myself, but if you're like this guy and don't mind toting such a big rifle on your back, then more power to you! It clearly got the job done for him and he not only filled his freezer, but he made some great memories at the same time.

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